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Apr 12, 2022
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motivation behind users' perceptions and behaviors can be found. At this time, we can extract the concept of brand personality and product, and then guide the development and promotion of the product. This is a more complete and rigorous product innovation process, and a culture that product managers must understand. 2021 Industry Conference National Tour Preview Focusing on hot topic sectors such as operational growth strategies, product manager capabilities transformation, product innovation trends, practical methods of digital transformation, and B-side innovation empowering industry transformation, it brings together hundreds of front-line experts and thousands of elites in the industry to analyze the frontiers Innovative practices to explore new possibilities for products and operations in 2021. Scan the QR code below ↓↓↓ to add Doudou, the secretary of the conference, to enjoy the exclusive discount of ticket pre-sale, [free appointment] to receive the live speech PPT + mind map of the 11 conference guests in 2021! Click on the image below or click this link to learn sms marketing service more about the conference. Related Reading All innovation, in the end, is a human problem Cheng Hao from Yuanwang Capital: Incremental innovation is all part-time jobs for industry leaders! Good Innovation, Bad Innovation: How to Implement Marketing Innovation to Drive Brand Growth? How can the Industrial Internet be implemented? A good product manager is also a good helmsman Allow the product to have shortcomings, but not allow the product to have no features Innovation: a risky road to death The guest speech video has been put on the Qidian Academy, the video address: The course has a special price of 9.9 yuan for a limited time, and members of the starting point academy can watch it for free. To learn about members of Qidianla
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